I’ve blogged previously about my McDonaldland obsession, particularly in terms of its Wiki’s wording of the franchise’s failed characters (“Iam Hungry - A short-lived McDonaldland character who was the self-proclaimed “Vice President of Snacking.”).

Here is a commercial featuring Grimace’s original incarnation as “The Evil Grimace.” Note his extra pair of arms (for milkshake-stealing) and visible stupidity, not just in his actions (when he’s told he’s the winner of a beauty contest, he eagerly bolts inside to “get ready”), but in the actor’s clever choice to put the word “DUHHHHH” in between most of Grimace’s lines.

Next week I will discuss Uncle O’ Grimacey, who was created in 1977 to promote the Shamrock Shake.

"[T]he Irish uncle of the character Grimace… is a variant of the Grimace-design in that [Uncle O’Grimacey] is green instead of purple, sports a frock coat covered with several four-leaf clovers, and carries a shillelagh."

Early Grimace McDonald’s Commercial (via Sprocket135)

Jan 23, 11