I Don’t Care About Your Band: Press

"A Dating Book We Can Get Behind; Julie Klausner’s I Don’t Care About Your Band is the anti-Marry Him — a celebration of self-love in the face of laughably bad dudes.”

Huffington Post Feature
"Whenever culture isn’t being controlled by enough gay people or Jewish people, I always get nervous."

The Believer
I wrote the “Sedaratives” column for the Mar/Apr issue and Charles Burns drew me for the cover

New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix
Lowbrow and Brilliant!

Salon Interview
"I do think the epidemic of tweeness among young men has probably done wonders for guys who are more traditional about their assholism."

New Yorker Interview
"[A] dating memoir that manages to avoid excessive self-deprecation, self-pity, or self-flagellation. It’s also a smart, highly literate, and wickedly funny take on pop culture."

Vanity Fair Interview
"There’s way more harm in the quiet sexism of scared indifference—I guess that’s my own lame version of ‘the subtle racism of lowered expectations.’"

A.V. Club Review
"[T]he grace that stand-up comedian and former Upright Citizens Brigade performer Julie Klausner manages to dredge up within herself shows that while time may not heal all lovers’ wounds, a razor-sharp sense of humor will scrape off their former poignancy."

New York Magazine: 21 Questions
In which I answer the standard questionaire and inadvertantly seduce Pat Kiernan in the process. See also my Grub Street New York Diet, in which I disclose how much Easter candy I eat in a given week

Largehearted Boy
My LHB Playlist featuring “bands I *DO* care about” has a heaping helping of Carly and Carole.

BlackBook Interview
The more we hook up, the more people will write articles about hook-up culture. I don’t want to read those anymore!

February Indie Next List
"This book is that throw your head back and laugh maniacally kind of funny, and it will leave you full of perspective, compassion, and charmed disgust."


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Jan 30, 10

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