It’s been a while since I’ve blogged pets with my stuff, so bear with me please!

From the top:

Andrew Hassing’s beloved late Tootsie, Annelise’s kitten Tyler Cats, Dustin Britt’s curious tabby Apollo, Ashleigh Briggs’s Puggy pup Jelly, Brittany Wagner’s Sheltie Sadie, Caitlin Hayes’s HUMAN CHILD Zoe (not a pet; a baby!), Matt Feige’s Captain Cassidy in a cast, Cara and Kay’s pup Griffin, Cassie McFadden’s Zoe, and Dallas Trinkle’s kitty Mercedes.

Oct 27, 13

I haven’t blogged pets with my stuff for a bit, so excuse the deluge of adorability. All of these animals, I should add, are completely terrific. They are, from top to bottom and left to right:

Isaac P.R. and John Marshall’s pup Grammer (named after Camille, natch); Ariel Rasmussen’s fetching Russian Blue, Tabby; Abbey Lynch’s uncle’s mini-schnauzer, Jerry (Jerry!); Jenny Martin’s laughing bandana girl Audrey; Jedi, who belongs to Gabe Durham (an amazing author whose book you should pre-order!); Ronald Faulkner’s blonde pup Erie; Charlotte and Eric White’s tuckered-out Tucker; Maddy Boesen’s fan of eating magic markers and Ikea packagaing, Rue; Danielle McGurran’s family’s seeing-impaired angel, Bella; and supermodel of the year/cat most likely to make Emma Stone think really long and hard about whether she’s even pretty, PomPom—a stunning cat who belongs to Madeline Stano.

Thanks to the pets and their peoples for sending these life-affirming photos. What is the point of making things if you can’t collect pictures of animals standing next to them? Precisely nothing.

Apr 26, 13

 I have been UNACCEPTABLY REMISS in blogging photos of people’s pets with my book or listening to my podcast. Therefore, here is a beautiful post featuring…*drumroll*

  • Sherri Locker’s pal Henrietta the Mini Bull Terrier!
  • Katie Hannon’s cute calico Izzy!
  • John Sperandeo’s handsome tortie Charlie!
  • Heather Scholz’s revolutionary kitty Che!
  • Peter Schaus’s sister’s cats, Brittany & Maddy, rolling around like madwomen!
  • April in NYC’s wiener dog Dixie!
  • Cliff Schwartz’s earbud-tolerant cat Fiona!
  • Carla, who belongs, along with her camera-shy sister Bianca, to Meghan Kaminski!
  • Lynn Burkhead’s #JimmyJazz doppelganger, 8-ball!
  • And finally, Vanessa Lynch’s beautiful pooch Rockett.

I hope these pets are half as loved as I was tickled to look at these pix of them reading my book and listening to HWYW. Or pretending to. Either one counts.

Jan 3, 13

I’ve been DELINQUENT in posting pets reading my book and listening to my podcast, so pardon me while I update the back catalog of treasures!

Here is Olive Flower’s cat Stephen “Hawk” Hawking and Michael Kestigian’s cat Dori (dressed up as Chairman Meow) listening to my podcast. HOORAY FOR THEM!

Dec 13, 12

Here is Amelia Grace’s cat, Professor Pickles, listening to my podcast. STORM BE DAMNED. Pickles gonna get her PODCAST ON!

Nov 2, 12