If it hadn’t been for Patton Oswalt, by the way, I would not be doing this podcast. He very publicly suggested that I do a podcast, about a year ago. I hadn’t thought about it until then. And sometimes that’s all it takes — that’s a good reminder of how friends can be motivating.

Every once in awhile you get encouragement or you get something that isn’t competitive or guilt-inducing from your peers, and it just turns a little light on. It makes it so the work that you do isn’t isolating and horrible. There are people who make your life and your work better, and that’s something I’m incredibly grateful for.

A Chat With…Podcaster Julie Klausner

I am grateful to Whitney Matheson, who did this interview with me and was kind enough to include me on Pop Candy’s 100 People of 2011 list.

The above quote is why Patton Oswalt is *my* person of the year. If he hadn’t publicly suggested that I start a podcast on his Twitter, I wouldn’t have done it.

Everybody needs a kick in the butt from a friend they respect. That and deadlines are what get you to work. Fear helps too, but I’m not going to put any bells or golden patina on that particular driving force. Not when there’s that much Christmas music playing everywhere you go.

Dec 21, 11